Now your patrons can enjoy the convenience of going to your fine, full service library to fax worldwide from our FaxScan24 Self Service Public Fax Machine.
It’s easy, fast, secure, reliable and affordable to use! And, you risk nothing to try it in your own library.


We have been fulfilling the public’s demand for our FaxScan24 service at many excellent public libraries and colleges since 1989.
We have many references available for you.


We own the equipment. And, ALL long distance charges are billed directly to us.


Voice instructions from the handset guide the user effortlessly through the entire transaction. To enhance customer satisfaction, our toll-free customer service is accessible directly from the FaxScan24.


State of the art software and electronics make downtime extremely rare. If a replacement is ever needed, you’ll have one within 48 hours.


(Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover & Faxcash) The option of using our prepaid fax card or credit cards provides your patrons with greater payment variety and convenience.


Although it might not be a significant source of revenue, we do have a generous compensation plan in exchange for your hosting our selfservice FaxScan24 for the benefit of your patrons.


Call TOLL-FREE today!

For your own RISK-FREE trial or more info.

FaxScan24 F.A.Q.'s

1How much will it cost our library?
Nothing, We own the equipment. We take care of the rare repairs and paper replenishment.
2Do we need to staff the FaxScan24 Kiosk?
No. For most patrons, this is truly an easy self-service experience. When a patron needs to send a fax, they are instructed to simply lift the hand-set on the FaxScan24 kiosk. They will then be treated to easy-to-follow Voice Instructions that will guide the patron step-by-step to the completion of their fax transmission. If the patron has questions, they can call for customer service on our toll-free number that is posted on the kiosk.
3Do we need a dedicated phone line?
No. If your library has a low-use phone line available, then that could easily be shared with the FaxScan24 kiosk. Since the average kiosk is used 3 times per day, potential phone conflict is minimal.
4Who pays for the long distance charges?
FaxScan24 pays. As soon as the hand-set on the FaxScan24 kiosk is lifted, the kiosk is programmed to automatically dial our toll-free number into our voice-automated service where the patron will hear the step-by-step instructions. The hidden toll-restrictor makes it impossible for anyone to make a direct-dial call. In conclusion, all long distance calls are automatically billed to our own toll-free phone service account.
5How does a patron pay to use the FaxScan24 service?
The FaxScan24 Fax Service accepts the VISA, MasterCard, AMEX & Discover credit and debit cards, as well as our own FaxCash Prepaid Fax Cards.
6What other libraries are using FaxScan24 Service?
Since 1989 many public libraries from around the country have been providing our FaxScan24 Public Fax Service for the benefit of their patrons. If you would like some references, please let us know. Contact us by calling toll-free at1-877-FAX-VENDor Email
To Find a Library or public FaxScan24 Service location near you visit our locations page. Click Here >>>
7How do we get started?
With your approval, we will have your library FaxScan24 operational within no time.
For a six month trial, please contact us by calling toll-free at 1-877-FAX-VENDor Email
8Getting Started and Setting Up your FaxScan24 Kiosk?
For instructions and manuals Click Here >>>
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